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Deviation and Adjustment of Belt Conveyor Belt

Source:chaoyangPublished: 2024-07-13
Zheng conveyor belt machine is one of the conventional products, Zheng mining machine in the application of belt conveyor with a mature experience and a large number of cases, in the running belt deviation is often the case, where we on this Problems to do next, the conveyor belt deviation the most common in the following circumstances.

1. The position of the hopper is not right or the position of the blanking point is not suitable, which will cause the segregation of the material flow, so that the conveyor belt runs to one side, which requires the necessary improvement. Usually we appropriate to close the mouth of the iron feeding baffle, forced to ensure that the material flow to the central location; or in the hopper to increase the baffle plate, change the direction of material flow to achieve a moderate flow position.

2. Up and down roller failure. When the side of the roller more defects in the case, will cause the conveyor belt to the side of the deviation; when the center of the next roller deviation or do not turn when the belt will cause deviation. The solution is to strengthen the equipment inspection, maintenance in a timely manner, once the damaged roller to be promptly replaced. In order to prevent the deflection of the lower roller, the upper and lower roller mounting holes can be made into several rectangular slots to make appropriate adjustments. If it is on the idler frame is not correct, can also cause conveyor belt deviation, you must align the idler frame, which completely eliminate the deviation phenomenon.

3. Conveyor belt itself will cause the quality deviation. First, when the adhesive conveyor belt, because the work sloppy, rubber joints of the ramp position is not standardized, resulting in one side of the long, short side of the phenomenon, the operation will result in the phenomenon of deviation to the side. Only re-adhesive can be completely resolved. New conveyor belt just started, because the conveyor belt tensile strength and elastic deformation has just occurred, there will be deviation phenomenon, but the time is generally not very long.

4. Head and tail wheel tilt can also cause the conveyor belt deviation, the measure is to tail wheel to adjust, re-alignment, or the distance deviation is difficult to get rid of.

If the conveyor belt deviation, the general will roller group, drive roller and change to the drum position, tension, blanking position and other parts to adjust.
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