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Combined with the mill conditions to select the appropriate ball

Source:chaoyangPublished: 2024-07-13
Ball as a mill grinding media, widely used in mining, cement, chemical and other industries grinding process. For the user, the ball in the overall investment accounted for a small proportion of the degree of attention is limited. As the ball is a long-term consumables, in the economic situation forcing enterprises to reduce costs, how to better play the role of the ball, gradually for people's attention, production enterprises and our customers are constantly exploring the .

First of all, we must understand the ball mill ball assembly of the use of a significant impact on the process, which not only directly affect the improvement of product quality, but also affect the unit power consumption and ball consumption. Too many balls, will result in explosive grinding, including ball and other phenomena, desktop production will decline, but also increase power consumption. So when installed on the steel ball must be used to determine the amount of total installed capacity of the total installed capacity, and then fine-tuning based on reasonable experience. The total load formula is grinding experts based on years of actual use of the vast number of users of experience, combined with the technical department of the long-term statistics, research, the formula is to withstand the practice of testing. The use of steel ball as long as the effective diameter of the mill and the effective length of each warehouse to determine the total installed capacity.

Secondly, reasonable to determine the level of the balloons for each level of the ball, with the proportion of ball at all levels and the average ball diameter is to ensure the fundamental effect of the ball. Production practice shows that large pieces of material required ball diameter ball impact, small pieces of material should be small steel ball impact, fine material should be small steel ball or steel segment for grinding. Gradation reasonable, the ball on the material that is the appropriate impact, there are more impact times and strong grinding effect, and the ball between a reasonable porosity, to ensure that the material flow through the mill at the appropriate rate , To ensure the fineness of the product, but also improve the grinding efficiency, low power consumption, the apparent effect of the ball. In general, the ball with a multi-level ball with more graded ball adjustment to consider when the ball to reduce the size of the ball is not the same. According to the relevant experts, when 90mm steel ball wear to 80mm, year on year, 80mm ball wear to 71.11mm, 70mm ball wear to 63.20mm, 60mm ball wear to 56.20mm. Obviously, if only fill the ball, the average diameter will inevitably have a larger trend. Grinding grading is reasonable, can be produced through the mill and product fineness inspection and analysis, grinding sound, check the mill material and the sieve curve analysis of four methods to judge. And then based on the actual situation combined with production experience to test and adjust. Anhui Ningguo integrity of wear-resistant Materials Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metals, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other institutions of higher learning experts to provide customers with a full range of grinding technology services, including ball, liner selection, improve desktop production, Reduce power consumption.

In order to better play the role of the ball, a reasonable choice of steel balls is the key. For example, the alumina industry are widely used wet grinding, the existence of corrosive raw materials, grinding machine high temperature, the choice of steel ball when using special high-chrome ball, its high temperature, corrosion resistance; cement ultrafine powder Grinding to use ordinary high-chrome small steel ball or steel segment to meet the requirements. According to the various needs of the market, Anhui Ningguo integrity of wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. has a provincial enterprise technology center have developed for the roller press or pre-broken cement joint grinding integrity of a product; for high temperature, high corrosion For the large ball mill, grinding, semi-self-grinding, wind sweeping, such as mineral processing, broken with the integrity of the three products and the integrity of the new energy-saving products on the 4th. The majority of customers in the selection of steel balls, must be combined with their mill conditions, according to actual needs, a reasonable choice.

To maximize the role of the ball, to achieve increased mill consumption, high quality and efficiency, but also pay attention to strictly control the various raw materials into the mill water, particle size, quality, etc., as well as with the lining, but also Reasonable selection, control of the parameters. In short, the effect of many factors that affect the use of the ball, the actual situation of the plant is different grinding mill and the material movement is extremely complex, if the single to seize one of the points to improve or attention, prone to misjudgment caused by blind add the ball Or desktop production decline, so we have to take into account the use of the process, the various data to be compared to summarize the account, the skills of the operator training to continue to strengthen, and ultimately fine operation, and fully play the ball should be Some role for the majority of users of this section of consumption.
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