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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Extrusion Effect of Roller Press

Source:chaoyangPublished: 2024-07-13
I Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. cement grinding system is the use of Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute to provide the extrusion joint grinding system, which host equipment for H FCG 140 -65 roller press + SF600-140 broken classifier + Φ3. 8m × 13m high-quality fine open-road mill, began trial production, after several years of production practice to explore, and now mill production stability in the 110t / h or so, the maximum can reach 120t / h more. On this basis, we have carefully analyzed that the mill when the high-yield is associated with the roller press a good squeeze inseparable, so we put more than a year in the actual operation of the impact Roller squeezing effect of the factors summarized summed up for peer reference.

1 into the roller press material on the extrusion effect

1.1 Material Granularity

Our roller press design maximum feed particle size of 80m m, a reasonable size gradation between 10 ~ 40m m and the particle size distribution should be uniform and continuous. If the material particle size is too homogeneous or contain more than 80m m particles, the material density is low, porosity, and thus with the material into the roller press air volume increases, in the extrusion process, the interstitial air Spill back into the roller press material, affecting the stability of continuous formation of cake, squeezing effect of roller press; particle composition is too small, the material will be washed directly from the roll between, likely to cause collapse of material, not crowded Pressure effect, serious equipment will also cause severe vibration, so that the next process of the surge in the crane load and crushed dead jump.

1.2 Moisture content of the material
If the size of the roller presses in the grading of 10 ~ 40m m, and the uniform size distribution, the material moisture on the extrusion effect is minimal; if the material in the powder too much water is too small, through the roller press When the bite angle is small, can not form a stable material cake, water is too large, the bite angle is also small, roll gap smaller, smaller material throughput, material bed crushing effect is greatly reduced. I adjust the clinker by adding water to control the appropriate into the mill water, the general moisture content control in 1% to 1.5%, squeeze better.

1.3 easy to wear materials
Roller press on the brittle, void more material extrusion effect, such as the C3S content of clinker, fast cooling effect of good clinker, placed after a period of clinker, etc., these materials easy to grind better; While the KH value is low, C2S content of high clinker, dead burned clinker, yellow heart material and other materials and easy to grind the soft material such as gypsum extrusion effect is poor.

2 extrusion pressure on the size of the effect of extrusion
The pressing force of the roller press is an important parameter for the safe and stable operation of the roller press. The pressure directly affects the extrusion effect and the extrusion quality. , Also can not form a dense material cake, affecting the material bed crushing force effect; pressure is too large, it is easy to make particles between the "re-polymerization" phenomenon, resulting in broken grading difficulties, and roller surface wear intensified, Control pressure on the impact of the impact of Table 1.

According to production experience, our company will run the pressure roller press at 7.0 ~ 8.0M Pa, squeeze the best at this time, the overall efficiency is also the highest.

3 feeding device on the extrusion effect

3.1 steady flow weighing warehouse

The function of weighing hopper above the roller press is not to measure the weight of the material in the warehouse, but to adjust the integrated material flow into the weighing warehouse through the material flow regulating loop, so as to realize the dynamic control of the steady flow weighing warehouse , To avoid the roller press due to steady flow weighing warehouse level material fluctuation brought about changes in the impact of roller press. So that the load fluctuations, causing equipment vibration, reasonable steady flow weighing warehouse material level to ensure that the roller press in the saturated feed requirements, and the material particle size distribution is more reasonable, increased density, continuous material layer crushing, So that the material is always in a compact state through the roller press. According to experience, my company's steady flow weighing warehouse level control in 60% to 80%.

3.2 roller press inclined board

Roll press inclined board inappropriate position, will cause the roller press inlet column pressure is too large or too small, are the formation of a stable material bed affect the location is too high, the column pressure, into the roller press material, Roll gap large, the material will be washed through the roller press or the formation of cake is too thick, increasing the next process load, squeeze the effect of poor, low content of finished products; location is too low, the column pressure, into the roller press material , It is difficult to form a stable thick material bed, lower production, may also cause serious equipment vibration can not run, I adjust the position of the board to make the cake thickness of 25 ~ 40mm fluctuations, the effect is good.

3.3 roller press side baffle

The inherent "edge effect" of the roll press makes the side baffle important. In the production process, should be on each side of the side of the baffle bolts for inspection, timely fastening to ensure that the side baffle and roller end surface clearance is less than 2m m, and pay close attention to the side baffle wear, timely repair or replacement, To prevent leakage material.

Effect of Scatter and Grading Machine and Roller Press on Extrusion

As a result of the characteristics of the combined extrusion grinding system, the roller press is equivalent to the coarse grinding chamber, and the dispersing and dispersing classifier is equivalent to the classifier. Therefore, the roller press and break up the grading machine system is interrelated, inseparable. Broken grading function in time to squeeze the qualified materials out of the material sorted out, which is to ensure a good squeeze roller press and the premise of high yield, so the role played by grading machine to play good or bad, a direct impact roller press Normal operation and squeezing effect. The factors that affect the performance of the dispersing classifier are: hammer wear on the disc, wear of the wind wheel, wear of the sieve plate and clogging of the sieve, wear of the wind shield, intact cones and so on. Should always check, timely maintenance processing; my company to fight casual machine speed generally 300 ~ 600r / m in between.

Effect of Roller Surface Wear on Extrusion

If the roller surface is seriously worn, it is bound to cause the material is not completely squeezed live, only produce fewer cracks or even produce a direct impact on the finished product extrusion content and easy to wear, especially when the roller surface wear serious , Roller surface uneven, the operator will be due to individual place collision and did not dare to increase the pressure, then, the finished product content will be less, the finished product quality will be worse.

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