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Vertical mill work flow

Source:chaoyangPublished: 2024-07-13
The installation process, methods and technical requirements of the vertical slag pulverizer are described in this paper. The following installation process can ensure the installation quality, compression period and cost.
I. Overview
Slag powder 600,000 t / year production line project, a large environmental protection new materials engineering, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection. The vertical mill equipment weight heavy, bulky, parts scattered, high precision, the installation must be careful
Second, installation and construction process
Basic acceptance → equipment and components of the transfer → host base mounting → motor base mounting (including accessories) → column bridge installation → grouting → reducer installation → shell installation → disc tray installation → tensioning device installation → → grinding Installation of roller → Installation of internal and external seal air line → Installation of classifier → Installation of mill drive → Installation of hydraulic line for tensioner → Installation of roller temperature measuring device → Installation of cooling water piping.
Third, vertical mill work flow
1, vertical mill process
1) from the material on the blank feeding, driven by a belt conveyor to the middle of the warehouse, in the middle of the warehouse has a separator for the role of iron, the middle of the following warehouse is an excess of said and a separator, the middle position Of the material measured by the excess and transported to the second belt, after the second belt to the iron in addition to the material transported to the No. 2 headstock fell into the lock air feeding valve, through the center tube down into the mill, The material crushed, in the mill through the top of the separator powder to the bag filter, and then by the second bucket to the machine to the finished material into the finished warehouse.
2) The material of the mill overflowing is conveyed to the No. 1 bucket elevator to re-feed the lock air feeding valve through the third belt, during which the iron is removed again through the magnetic separator.
3) The main exhaust fan out of the hot air recycling into the mill again.
2, bag filter operation
1) Check the equipment is sealed well
2) The lubrication points should be injected into the required number of lubricants
3) adjust the air volume of the room, so that the air flow error of about 5%
4) The cleaning control is divided into timing mode and constant resistance mode
3, the operation of thin oil station
1) Check the oil quality, timely replacement and replenishment of lubricants to ensure proper oil level
2) The pressure at the outlet of the dilute oil station is the sum of the pipeline resistance and various local resistance of the petrol station system. When the pressure of the petrol station is adjusted, the pressure change of the petrol station is an important indicator of the normal operation of the lubrication system. , Indicating that the system is blocked, the system pressure drops, indicating a serious leak in the system piping or pump failure
3) the export pressure of thin oil station must not be higher than
4) oil station exit temperature must not be higher than 50 ℃
5) Reducing the displacement of the oil pump in the dilute oil station (the outlet pressure is low) or the abnormal noise, the working pump can be changed to the standby pump by the changeover switch and the maintenance can be carried out in time.
4, the main exhaust fan operation
(1) Check the fan and motor bearing oil, oil quality is in line with the requirements, and then open the water valve to the lubrication system cooler water supply
(2) All the guards shall be inspected
(3) regular maintenance of the bearings, oil and oil on the oil level to do regular checks
(4) control the bearing temperature, generally should not be greater than 85 ℃
(5) regular inspection of the bearing amplitude, under normal circumstances the maximum amplitude should be less than 100ì
(6) fan should be based on the use of regular maintenance, the general overhaul once a year
(7) When turning off the fan through the wheel car mechanism, the fan maintained at 58r / min speed until the gas temperature is below 200 ℃, or when the gas is isolated when the impeller to keep idle until the heat dissipation, the impeller surface down to 200 Lt; 0 & gt; C
5, starting from the parking precautions
Start the car to adhere to the principle of upstream Kai Kai upstream, parking according to the first stop upstream, then stop the principle of downstream, and to master the time difference, in order to ensure no accumulation of equipment. Carefully observe and record a variety of data and timely adjustment to ensure that the mill outlet temperature and hot stove outlet pressure in the normal range, under normal operating conditions in a variety of parameters, such as abnormal immediately notify the inspection to master the common fault handling Measures to avoid misuse!
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