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The reason of vibration of slag vertical mill

Source:chaoyangPublished: 2024-07-13

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. After many years of active research and development with foreign R & D vertical mill experts exchange, learn from industry experience, and digestion and absorption, developed with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics of series slag vertical mill. In the use of slag vertical mill, the mill will often occur vibration, vibration caused by vertical grinding mill can be divided into three general reasons:
(1) the nature of the material changes;
(2) equipment accidents;
(3) system problems and process operations.
The influence of material properties on vibration
1.1 Granularity of the material The production of the vertical layer of the material layer is a certain size of the grading, so it is the size of the raw material is a certain range of requirements, too large or too small will lead to grading the balance of damage, resulting in material Layer toughness and rigidity of the weakening is very harmful.First of all, the size is too large makes a grinding success rate decreased, increasing the number of material cycles, resulting in air ring does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the requirements of the "medium size" of the material was significantly weakened .This situation also affected the particle passing the requirements of fineness, which caused a vicious circle.At the same time, with the increase of the amount of powder, the ratio of powder material on the material layer increased, the original gradation balance was broken, The stability of the material layer becomes worse, and the vibration will increase.
1.2 easy grinding of the material In fact, in the vertical grinding design has been taken into account the material's easy to wear, and material easy to wear and poor, and become worse, vertical mill capacity will be weakened, can only be So the operation of the instability.Therefore, the material changes in the easy grinding for vertical mill operation and assessment is a very important indicator.When the material deterioration of the grinding performance, Vertical mill grinding of the material will be significantly increased the number of grinding powder on the back of a substantial increase, especially the pressure will become very large, poor ventilation, the material is basically suspended in the mill body, the material layer and its unstable, Powder load becomes larger, coarse raw meal fineness, mill load will become larger, if not cut in time, vertical mill vibration will be very intense.

2. Equipment failure on the impact of vibration
2.1 The new liner Because of the new roller, disc liner is relatively smooth, difficult to stabilize and "suck" material, will lead to a certain vibration, the operation may be appropriate to improve the material thickness, increase the water, the other can be When the liner surface after a period of time after running, it will gradually adapt to the nature of the material, smooth running.
2.2 excessive wear liner Due to the centrifugal effect of the disc, making the disc on the large pieces of material concentrated in the outer area of the disc, resulting in the operation process, grinding roller and disc liner outside the measured wear than the inside of this imbalance Of the wear and tear in the material layer fluctuation or material layer thin, may cause the inside of the roller liner and the inside of the disc liner hard shock, resulting in vibration.When the disc liner turn, the wear parts can not be completely consistent, it may Causing such vibrations.
2.3 Hydraulic system failure Hydraulic system is one of the most important equipment in the vertical mill system, grinding roller on the material imposed by the huge grinding pressure is provided by it. However, due to the hydraulic system caused by the action of the stretching rod is not consistent, down roller and roller when the three rollers are not synchronized and so may mill vibration.

3 system problems and process parameters on the impact of vibration
3.1 grinding into the foreign body Metal foreign body hard because of its texture, so when the grinding roller on its impact on the liner and damage is more serious. At the same time, the roller will have a big beating, causing a sudden vibration, although the material into the mill after a few iron removal device, but the shedding of the protective device, liner out of the chunk will cause large vibration.
3.2 belt said broken material, out of control. Fluctuations due to changes in the seasons and materials, the belt said there will be broken material and card material phenomenon, especially limestone and sandstone material will cause material layer suddenly thinning, buffer weakened, while grinding pressure is still relatively large, and thus Causing vibration. When the belt is called out of control and speed, into the mill material abnormal increase, resulting in material layer is too thick, grinding effect is reduced. At the same time as the material more, the pressure becomes larger, poor ventilation, when reached a certain limit, it will lead to a sudden large vibration mill, and feeding fluctuations, will cause the wave form material layer, grinding roller in the mill on the ups and downs Indefinite, causing vibration.
3.3 material layer is too thin or too thick material layer is actually caught in the roller between the roller and the buffer pad, under normal circumstances, grinding roller, disc material on the extrusion material layer is squeezed. When the material layer is too thin, the buffer effect is too large, resulting in decreased grinding capacity, reduced production capacity, pressure will gradually increase, when reaching a certain limit, the vibration will suddenly increase. Therefore, in normal operation, should closely monitor the material thickness, timely adjustment of parameters, the material layer stability in a certain range.

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