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Slag vertical mill complete sets of production

Source:chaoyangPublished: 2024-04-16

As an important alternative to cement production, slag powder can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of concrete and cement products, while significantly reducing the cost of cement and concrete production, has been used as a new high-performance cement and concrete admixture was Application in cement plants, grinding stations, steel mills, has formed a "Who should first invest who benefit" situation.
First, the investment return line show: to an annual output of 600,000 tons vertical mill slag powder model line, for example, two years will have to recover the cost of equipment investment, is currently in a purely profitable state, the specific cost calculation please refer to.
Second, the slag grinding Why choose vertical mill? Energy saving, environmental protection, simple technology, high degree of intelligence In recent years, the application of slag vertical milling machine more and more recognized by our customers, but some customers are still superior to the mill mill there is doubt, through visits to dozens Customer site, sorted out the difference between the two systems. Vertical grinding system Roller Press Ball mill Combined grinding system Process flow is simple (5 systems including feed system, vertical roller mill, external circulation system, finished product collection system and finished product conveying system) Complex process (7 systems include Material system, roller press cycle and semi-finished powder conveying, ball mill circulation circulation and finished powder, finished product collection and finished product delivery system) area of more than 30% savings system for material recycling and transportation equipment, The system power consumption 30-60% (system power consumption 36kwh / t) system power consumption 80 kwh / t dust pollution (emissions ≤ 30mg / Nm3); roller press system circulation, and to go through the belt machine The system configuration ball mill, so the noise; can easily adjust the fineness of products and separate grinding of different types of materials, such as cement clinker, slag, etc .; discomfort; the system configuration of the ball mill, so the noise; It is difficult to adjust the raw material of the moisture, the adjustment of product variety is difficult, the adaptability of the grinding material is poor; to adapt to the moisture content below 30% of the high moisture material grinding, equipped with hot air system to adjust into the grinding hot air temperature to complete the drying process; The use of also increased the heat utilization; not suitable for large admixture of water grinding, high humidity materials must first be dried or natural drying after grinding; external circulation system, the small amount of external circulation, while auxiliary equipment Less external equipment failure caused by the probability of mill downtime; hoist cycle load, system equipment, maintenance points scattered, overhaul items and more time-consuming, external cycle equipment due to failure and higher frequency of downtime; ; Roller and disc repair and replacement can be carried out at the same time; online surfacing generally takes 3-5 days; roll surface without digging out; roller light weight, on-site replacement roll sets more convenient; on-line surfacing, The system maintenance ratio is 93% -97%. System operation rate: 85% -90% In summary, the above-mentioned problems can be solved in the following aspects: : Vertical mill system in the process, energy saving, environmental protection and post-maintenance has unparalleled advantages!
Third, the unique advantages of slag vertical mill analysis:
1. The introduction of Japanese mill technology, process system is simple.
2. Equipment operation rate, energy saving and environmental protection.
3. System easy to operate, save a lot of manpower costs.
4. Post-replacement parts is simple and convenient
Fourth, mineral powder mill (www.chaoyangzhongji.com) System Process: Stacked slag from the forklift reclaiming, feeding, through the belt conveyor. In the transportation process, the raw material of the slag is successively obtained the iron removal and sieving through the separator and the vibrating screen, and then through the weighing equipment warehouse, the elevator enters the vertical mill to grind. After grinding the slag with hot air furnace to provide hot air, through the separator for powder, while drying. Meet the requirements of the fineness of the slag powder was finally transported to the dust collector collection, in full bloom, the air transport chute, the elevator into the finished product storage.

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