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Jointly promote innovation and technology to promote mining machinery better and better

Source:Published: 2024-07-13
At present, China has more than 90,000 metal and nonmetallic mines, of which 95% of small mines. The number of mines, small scale, low concentration, industry management is not standardized and other serious problems. Although the relevant departments in various regions in recent years in mine consolidation and mineral resources development and integration work achieved remarkable results, but the problem has not been fundamentally resolved. Mine scale, mechanization, science, standardization, information technology and other levels to be further improved.
Throughout the world the development of mechanical design process, generally single stand-alone product design - stand-alone product process design - complete sets of equipment design process of the evolution process. China's past system of division of labor, general mining machinery manufacturing only complete the design and manufacture of stand-alone products, equipment used in the design process by the professional design institute to do, stand-alone product technology requirements by the professional design institute and to assist the manufacturer carry out. This creates a disconnect between the equipment manufacturer and the equipment user, and their connection is coordinated through the so-called intermediate user (professional design institute).
Now large and medium-sized mining machinery manufacturing enterprises with the design department of single product design and complete sets of equipment process design functions, so as to avoid the disjunction between the manufacture and use, but also in the enterprise will promote the development of new products to process technology, New technology research results to promote the virtuous circle of product development, more convenient to adapt to today's mining machinery to large-scale, continuous and automation and intelligent development trend. Mineral resources on the mining machinery made more specific and more explicit innovation content, that is, energy-saving, water-saving, comprehensive utilization, environmental protection and to the operator to create a safe and comfortable environment "fool" type of mine Mechanical products.
In this case, the enterprise must be in their own professional fields as soon as possible to organize the strength to enter the role, and take foreign companies and domestic professional design institutes to establish different forms of joint, including the formation of groups, consortia, the introduction of technology, the introduction of talent And other methods.
In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Deputy Minister Su Bo introduced, the Ministry of Industry and actively promote the mine clean production, strengthen energy conservation; development of relevant industry access standards to prevent low-level redundant construction; rare earth, tungsten, tin, antimony, molybdenum and other rare metals and fireflies Stone, refractory clay and other scarcity of non-metallic mineral products production implementation of mandatory planning management. I believe in the joint efforts of enterprises and the government, mining machinery industry will become better and better.
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